Ergobaby Carrier Review: Comfortable, Ergonomic and Back Friendly?

I’m talking about baby carriers again today! There’s been so much going on in the last years, so many new carriers, so much development. But we’re talking about one of the classic models today. The Ergobaby! It’s light, it’s comfortable and it’s really good. My daughter and I still love it. And she’s 3 years old!

Let’s take a closer look.

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What is the Ergobaby carrier?
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Our Experiences
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What is the Ergobaby Carrier?

Hi! I’m really glad (and amazed) that you found your way here. I hope you’ll find this information helpful. If you need more information, leave a comment or send me an email. I’m happy to talk about all the carriers in the world.

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In case you don’t have the time or patience to read the entire review:

After testing it thoroughly and using it now for roughly 2 years, I highly recommend the Ergobaby Carrier. It’s particularly useful for babies between 5 months and 3 years. The padding is spectacular. It distributes the weight comfortably and it’s a high quality, well-manufactured product. Not only for babies but also for toddlers. 

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The Ergobaby is one of the comfort carriers. That means it works just like a backpack (or front pack). It has a well-padded belt, well-padded straps that can be crossed. It also has a ton of possibilities to adjust and adapt to different babies and carriers.

Putting on the carrier is quick, easy and simple to learn. You can quickly put the baby into the carrier and take it out just as quickly. There’s no difference between putting it on at home or when you’re on the go (those of you who fought with a 20ft sling in the rain before know exactly what I’m talking about).

Before we talk about the Ergobaby features, I’d like to quickly summarize the advantages of using a baby carrier in general. Just in case you’re not convinced yet.

Why Baby Carriers are Really Good for Babies and for You

  • Babies are meant to be carried. That’s how we evolved and how we’ve always done it, before we gave up on it and invented the stroller. But they love being carried. They love skin contact and soft movement. Especially during the first 6 months of their live it gives them a feeling of comfort and safety. Most of the babies are most relaxed when they’re as close as possible to mom or dad.
  • You have your hands free and can eat something, clean up, tidy, read a book, drink a cup of coffee take a deep breath… That may sound mundane right now, but once your baby is here, those few minutes of free time will be precious.
  • Correct baby carrying prevents hip dysplasia and is proved to be great for the development of your baby’s back and the whole motion apparatus.
  • Having your baby so close with you, being able to hold it, kiss it, smell it, is just wonderful. Really, really wonderful.
  • Baby carriers like the Ergobaby are extremely practical. They are easy to transport, to store and to handle. It’s so much easier to travel, shop or use public transport with a baby carrier, compared to a stroller.
  • Baby carriers don’t cost a ton of money and you’ll have no related costs.
  • Compared to slings they are a lot more comfortable to put on and to carry, especially if you have an older baby or a toddler.

The Features of the Ergobaby

The features are a little different for the various models. These are the general features. We’ll talk about the differences a bit further down.

Product Features

  • You can use it for a long time. From birth to about 3 years, 7 to 45 lbs, depending on the model (for the Original and 360 you’ll need an infant insert in the first weeks.).
  • It has a small pouch to store necessities like key, extra diaper, phone..
  • Head protection and baby privacy hood (SP 50+), can be adjusted.
  • Shoulder straps come with a buckle or can be crossed – depending on model.
  • Length of the shoulder straps is very variable.
  • Machine washable in warm water.
  • Clear and in-depth instructions.

Carrying Features

  • The Ergobaby is indeed an ergonomic baby carrier. It can be easily adjusted to fit a wide variety of differently-sized carriers and babies. It provides a healthy carrying position for hip and back development.
  • Provides lumbar support for the carrier and prevents back pain.
  • All models are suitable for breastfeeding.
  • The shoulder straps are wide and very well padded. They distribute the weight and prevent the carrier from pulling at the shoulders.
  • The waist belt is comfortably wide and also very well padded.

Quality, Material and Models

The Ergobaby is made from 100% cotton. Well, most of them are. There are some special editions that contain other materials. Read the labels.

There is also the organic edition. These models are made from 100% organic cotton.

You can machine wash all the models in warm water. From my experience, they are also easy to clean with a wet cloth.

The quality of the baby carrier is solid. The whole thing is robust, very well made and it comes in a thick, sturdy fabric which is extremely easy to keep looking good. You can wipe it, wash it and even after quite a few machine washes it still looks fresh.

babytrage ergobaby details

We’ve been using our Ergobaby very regularly for almost three years now and it’s always been very low maintenance. The fabric is still without holes, pilling, scratches or pulled strings. The zippers work perfectly, the buckles fasten just as on the first day.

There are some signs of use, obviously, but it’s mainly some discoloration of the fabric – it’s canvas, though, so it adds to the look.

The Models of the Ergobaby

It seems like there’s a new model almost every year. Still, it’s relatively easy to compare them and find the right one as they have some very distinct features.

One thing, though, they are all comparable in quality and the way they are made and word. So just pick the one which has the features you need.

They are also all based on the same carrying system. The waist belt, the shoulder straps, the baby pouch are mostly the same.

There are some questions you can ask yourself before purchase, which will lead you to the right model:

Q: Do you want to use the Ergobaby right from the birth of your baby? 
A: Pick the Adapt or the Omni 360°. For all other models you’ll need an extra insert.

Q: Do you want to carry your baby facing forward?
A: Pick the 360° or Omni 360°. (Or even better, don’t do it because it’s not good for the baby…)

Q: Do you live in a warm climate or want to carry your baby mainly in summer?
A: Pick one of the mesh models.

Q: Do you just want to carry your baby and nothing else?
A: You can pick any model you like. I’d personally recommend the Original.

Ergobaby Original Collection

It’s the base model, the one that has been on the market for the longest time. It’s been consistently updated and improved, and it’s a solid, well-made carrier with a few bonus features like the extra large pouch.

Ergobaby describes it as ‘award-winning, ergonomic and a global bestseller’. Which pretty much nails it. I love this carrier. It was the first carrier we tried and it will be the one we’ll keep until the very end of our baby carrying time. (Which is approaching far too fast, as our daughter is now 3.5 years old.)

You can carry your baby in front of you facing inward, on your hip and on your back. Nursing is definitely possible. It has all the padding you’ll ever need, great lumbar support and it’s very flexible and adjustable.

The Ergobaby Original is suitable for babies from 12 to 45lbs. You can buy an additional newborn infant insert and use it from birth.

Or just buy it as a set  (==> Prices at Amazon).

This carrier is awesome. There’s just no other way to say it. Especially once your baby grows older, heavier, gets more mobile. I’ll go into detail a little later why it’s so great.

==> Current price at Amazon

Ergobaby 360° Collection

Also suitable for babies from 12 to 45 lbs.

The main difference between the 360° and the Original is that you can wear the baby facing forward with the 360°. If you want to do that.

It also has no pouch in the front. Which is a little sad, if you ask me.

But other than that, it’s basically the same as the Original. If you want to carry from birth, you’ll also need the Newborn infant insert.

For some reasons, I really like the look of this carrier.

==> Current price at Amazon

Ergobaby Adapt Collection

The Ergobaby Adapt adapts. (Sorry. I needed to say that.)

This means that you can wear your baby from birth and you don’t need an infant insert. The straps are crossable. This is great for petite persons because it’s easier on the shoulders.

You can NOT wear your baby in front facing forward, though. It also doesn’t have the pouch.

==> Current price at Amazon

Ergobaby Omni 360°

The Ergobaby Omni 360° is a combination of the Adapt and the 360°. This means you can wear babies from birth and you can also wear babies facing forward (starting at around 6 months).

==> Current price at Amazon

Ergobaby Cool Air Mesh

This isn’t really a model, it’s more of a fabric choice for the Adapt, 360° and Omni 360°. As far as I’ve seen, there are no Originals with the Cool Air Mesh.

Ergobaby says that there’s no better carrier for hot weather. I beg to disagree because I think the Babybjorn One is actually a little better because it has less skin contact. But, well. The Ergobaby is still pretty good.

It’s breathable, lightweight and durable. If you live in a warmer, humid climate, then this might be the one for you.

==> Current price at Amazon

Carrying Positions and How it Works

The Ergobaby is a carrier that you can use for a long time. One of the reasons for that is that you have 3 or even 4 carrying positions, depending on the model.

All models can wear babies in the following positions:

  • Front position, facing inward
  • On the hip
  • On the back

The 360° and Omni 360 offer another position:

  • Front position, facing outward

1. Front Position facing inward at any age

2. On the hip for babies 6 months and older

3. On the back for babies 6 months and older

4. Front position facing outwards for babies 6 months and older


These are all videos for the Omni 360°. But they all mostly work the same. The Ergobaby also comes with very detailed instructions. Once you put it on a couple times, it should be no problem.

For the very first time it doesn’t hurt to have a second person and a second pair of hands to help, but even that is not necessary. You can totally do it.

Our Personal Experiences With the Ergobaby Original

Ergobaby TrageWe have the Ergobaby since our daughter was about 6 monthes old. It was love on first try and we’ve been using it ever since.

In the last 2 years, we’ve tried a lot of carriers. But we’ve always come back to this one.

There are quite a few reasons why all of us really love this carrier:

It’s good for the baby. It really is. The seat brings the legs into the ‘M’-Position that is crucial for hip development. The back, neck and head are well supported when the baby is younger, and the carrier leaves enough room to grow and move once the baby gets older and bigger.

We didn’t need any instructions or have to learn how to put it on. It’s very intuitive and easy to wear and adjust. It just makes sense and we all (Mom, Dad, Granddad) managed to make it work within a few minutes on the first try.

It can be adjusted very quickly and easily. Which means whenever the baby gets too heavy or another person wants a chance to carry the baby, you can just give the carrier to someone else, adjust a few buckles and you’re good to go.

The Ergobaby is one of our favorite carriers because it’s so easy to get the baby in and out. Even getting our very active toddler on the back is very easy and takes only a few seconds. Which is why I personally reach for it the most whenever I go to get groceries, go on the bus or want to get somewhere quickly.

Our daughter loves the carrier. She sits safe and secure but it doesn’t restrict her movements too much. She loves being carried, but she doesn’t love being squeezed or pinched.

To this day she loves sleeping in it. This was a lot easier when she was smaller. You can use the hood to support the head and you can adjust the length of it. This doesn’t work anymore, so we’re using a scarf. Not ideal, but I actually know no carrier that has a better solution.

The Ergobaby is very back friendly. I don’t have back problems, so usually, I can use any carrier that fits me well. But my husband back is a disaster. The Ergobaby is one of the only carriers that really offers support where he needs it. Obviously, every back is different. But the weight distribution between shoulder belts and waist belt plus the padding is really a solid solution. If you have back pain, I’d suggest that you are extra careful when adjusting the carrier. A small change can make a big difference.

The carrier is extremely practical. No part of it is on the floor when you put it on. This is great outside especially when it’s raining.

My only complaints: The hood is not a good protection against the elements such as rain. And in this price range, I expect a small bag to carry it or store it.

Summary: Why We Love the Ergobaby

The pros of the Ergobaby

  • Easy and quick to put on. Easily adjustable. Very intuitive.
  • The shoulder straps are held together with a clip either on the front or the back, depending on your carrying position. In some models, you can cross the straps. Great for people with narrow shoulders.
  • The belts and straps work well for petit or not-so-petit people. Great for families where different people of different sizes wear the carrier.
  • No velcro.
  • No part of the carrier touches the floor when you put it on. Great for on the go.
  • You can use the head protection to keep the head secure when the child is sleeping. It can be buttoned to the shoulder straps.
  • Great carrier for bigger babies and toddler as it’s easy to get them into the carrier and out of it.
  • Great padding which is extremely important for carrying heavier babies and toddlers
  • Robust, long-living and low-maintenance. Great quality and very well made.
  • Great resell value.

The Cons of the Ergobaby Trage

  • The original is not ideal for newborns – even with the insert. If you want to carry a newborn infant, you can either choose the Ergobaby Adapt or you can combine one of the other models with a simple sling for the first weeks. Those are cheap and you won’t have to use it for very long.
    ==> Options and prices on Amazon
  • What about the bag? We need a bag to store and carry it.
  • The head protection does not protect against rain.

My Opinion and Experience with the Ergobaby

The Ergobaby is perfectly suitable for babies from birth (if you choose the Adapt or Omni 360°) to toddler age. It’s easy to put on, offers great padding and back support and is developmentally appropriate and ergonomic for your baby. It’s equally practical for short, quick uses and for extensive baby wearing – at home during the day or outside to go for a hike. The Ergobaby is one of the best carriers that I’ve ever tested, reviewed and used. I most definitely recommend it. 

==> You can buy it here (Original, base model)
==> Or here (Adapt, starting from birth)
==> Or, you know, here (Omni 360°, from birth plus outward facing option)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ergobaby Carrier – For what age?

  • Ergobaby Original: 4 months to 3 years, 12 to 45 lbs, with the infant insert from birth
  • Ergobaby Adapt: birth to 3 years, 7 to 45 lbs
  • Ergobaby 360°: 4 months to 3 years, 12 to 45 lbs, with the infant insert from birth
  • Ergobaby Omni 360°: birth to 3 years, 7 to 45 lbs

Can you carry a newborn in the Ergobaby carrier?

Yes, you can, depending on the model you choose. See question above.

Which Ergobaby Model is the best?

All of them are good. They have different features, though, and you should choose according to your intended use:

  • Ergobaby Original is the base model and is enough for normal use. If you want to carry a newborn, you need the newborn inlay.
  • The Ergobaby Adapt can carry newborns from birth. You don’t need anything extra. It’s also made from breathable mesh – ideal for a warmer climate.
  • 360° means that you can front carry it with a forward facing baby (I don’t recommend this).
  • You can use the Omni 360 from birth and also carry a front-facing baby. Which I still can’t recommend because I’m a baby-carrying snob.

When can you stop using the newborn insert?

You can stop using the insert if your baby is somewhere between 4 and 6 months. It should be at least 12 lbs. You do not need an insert when using the Ergobaby Adapt or Omni 360°

Can I carry a front-facing baby?

Yes, you can do that with all models that have the 360 in their name.

Can I carry the baby on my back and on the hip?

Yes, you can do that with all models. But wait until your baby is about 5-6 months old to move it to your hip or your back.

Is the Ergobaby suitable for petite, heavier, taller, smaller people?

The shoulder straps and waist belt are very adjustable and suitable for people of very different sizes.

Does the Ergobaby have sufficient head and neck support?

Yes, all the models include head and neck protection and support.

Is the Ergobaby healthy for the baby and good for the development of hip and back?

Yes, all models support the recommended ‘M’-position of the legs. They also support the natural curve of the spine and leave the baby room to grow. They are developmentally appropriate and do not hinder any development or growth.

==> You can buy it here (Original, base model)
==> Or here (Adapt, starting from birth)
==> Or, you know, here (Omni 360°, from birth plus outward facing option)


I hope this review helped and I wish you, your family, your baby a wonderful wearing time.

If you have any question then just leave a comment or send me an email:

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